Monday, May 26, 2008


1. What do you understand by ecosystem? Discuss the various components of ecosystem by taking examples of pond.
2. Who coined the term ecosystem?
3. What are the two categories of ecosystem?
4. Give two examples of man made ecosystem.
5. Define the term stratification. Write various layers present in a forest.
6. What is primary productivity?
7. Distinguish between gross primary productivity and gross productivity.
8. What is secondary productivity?
9. What is decomposition?

10.Enlist various steps of decomposition.
11 Decomposition will be slow in anaerobic conditions? Is it true or false? Why?
12 Briefly describe the processes and products of decomposition with the help of schematic diagram.
13. What happens to the producers, once they trap the solar energy?
14. Dfferentiate GFC and DFC
15. Gve an account of energy flow in an ecosystem.
16. Name an annelid that act as detrivores.
17. Why water-soluble inorganic nutrients get unavailable during decomposition?
18. Name factors that regulate decomposition.
19. Draw a trophic level presentation of pond ecosystem.
20. What is 10 percent law?
21. What do you man by term biomass?
22. Differentiate biome and biosphere.
23. What is food web?
24. What are the main functions of ecosystem?
25. What is mineral immobilization? What is its advantage?
26. How can on organism occupy more than one trophic level?
27. Explain the ecosystem service provide by the biological diversity.
28. Nme the various abiotic components of ecosystem?
29. Define the term biomass. What is pyramided of biomass?
30. How decomposer help in recycling of nutrients.
31. Explain pyramid of number with the help of an example.
32. Distinguish between Scavengers and Parasites.
33. Distinguish the following:
a) Ecosystem and Biome
b) Biotic community and Ecosystem.
34.Draw a phosphorus cycle, in terrestrial ecosystem.
35.Why pond is called self-sustainable ecosystem?
36.How human is formed during decomposition?
37.what is mineralisation?
38. How decomposition depends on the type of substance?
39.what is food chain? What are the starting points of grazing food chain and a detritus food chain respectively?
40.Explain, what is meant by ecological succession or biotic succession?
41.What is the different between primary succession and secondary succession? Also explain the terms pioneer community and seral communities?
42.Explain various types of succession communities.
43.Distinguish between carbon cycle and phosphorus cycle.
44.what is the important of Ecological succession?
45.What do you mean by plant succession?
46.Explain the Hydrarch succession.
47.How does difference between the seral stage and the climax community during succession.
48.How does succession differ in terrestrial and aquatic system? Give salient point.
49.Distingush between pioneer community and climax community.
50.Draw a simplified from of carbon cycle.
51.Distingush the following:
a) Food chain and food web
b) Grazing food chain and detritus food chain
c) Primary predicative and secondary productive
d) Upright pyramid and inverted pyramid

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